Ambassador Program

At MonChic Baking Box, we are giving all like-minded cake-lovers the exciting opportunity to join us on our journey of getting as many people as possible to enjoy baking in their homes, as much as we do!

If you love the idea of being your own boss, are creative, have a passion for baking and want to share it with everyone, then you’re in the right place!
Ambassador Perks:
  • Subscriptions: Give your friends and family your unique 5% discount code on their first 3 months order and earn commission every time they purchase a subscription online. The more people you find, the more commission you will receive.
  • Social Media: You will have access to original photos and branded content to promote MonChic Baking Box on your Social Media platforms, in line with our brand image. 
  • Refer an ambassador: If you know someone who will be a perfect addition to the army of MonChic Ambassadors, refer them and you will both receive a £30 credit to spend on the website if they sign up!
  • Business Stalls:You have the exciting opportunity to both participate in a stall we create as well as create your own stalls. In doing this you'll earn commission every time a customer purchases an online subscription. The more people that subscribe the more commission you will receive.