Our Story

I am a passionate and qualified chef and pastry chef. From a very young age, baking has been my passion and it was something I knew I would pursue well into adulthood. The love of baking has encouraged me to spend most of my career teaching young ones to learn and flourish as bakers themselves. However, I am looking to go further – I would like to encourage everyone to bake more, whether mother, daughter, father, brother I want to give everyone the desire to bake…which is why I have decided to set up MonChic Baking Box.

MonChic Baking Box is a monthly subscription box, that will consist of a new recipe each month, all the dried ingredients needed to make said recipe, as well as easy instructions and perhaps a small piece of baking equipment to guide them through the process. As previously mentioned I developed my passion from a young age, so we have decided to create a children’s baking box and a baking box for adults, which I believe will encourage everyone to start baking more and most importantly to enjoy it!


 Monica x