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Experience Baking through Kids Eye!

The MiniChic Baking Box is for kids to enjoy baking with their parent! 
Show off your baking skills to your friends and family with our monthly baking kit. We also provide 3 and 6 months subscriptions at a discounted price.
Kids love it when something has come for them through the door and the eagerness to open it and see what they have is all part of the MonChic experience. 
MiniChic Baking Box is a baking subscription for kids with a brand new recipe every month. We want to see kids baking for fun and see how excited they are with what they have produced at the end of it. 
MiniChic Box will includes:
  • All the dry ingredients to bake our delicious recipes
  • Easy to follow recipes with step-by-step instructions
  • Fun activities, games and handy extras
  • Handcrafted specialty Latte blend 
  • MiniChic Bonus product

MiniChic Bonus Product - What is it?

In every months package there will be a MiniChic bonus product, which will be an equipment or something that helps you to bake for that months box. We wanted our customers to gain something every time they get a baking box and make there experience even more exciting than it already is. 



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